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Alyssa McFarland from NY -
good site... will visit again shortly... good luck

Mala from USA
Great Site!! Very interesting and enlightening!!!I have found that in my search for the origins of religion that all roads lead to ancient egypt and to the skies. The Bible is full of references to astrology and astronomy (encoded or not) and in Luke 22:10 of the New Testament Peter and John have asked Jesus where they should prepare for the passover and Jesus says "You will meet a man carrying a pitcher of water, follow him into the house which he enters"; the man carrying a pitcher of water is the water bearer - the age of aquarius. Also the New Testament makes numerous references to the end of the age (as in Jesus saying "I am with you even until the end of the age" - age of pices) or refering to the coming age - the age of aquarius. (Matthew 28:20; Matthew 12:32; Matthew 13:39; Matthew 24:3; Mark 10:29&30; Luke 18:30; 1 Cor. 3:6&8; Ephesians 1:21; Hebrews 6:5; Hebrews 9:26) I would very much like to purchase a copy of your book however the link was apparently a dead link. Please let me know how I can get a copy. Thanks.

Kelly from -
Hello, my name is Kelly. Thank you for your job, i thinks your website the best of this theme. I hope, i can place some interesting links for interesting music :)) Thank you

sprzt agd i rtv from -
Hi Congratulations you have a very entertaining and beautiful site. You have great designs on your site!

Alina Greenfield from -
Very informative site!

Alena from NewYork -

goodzone from -
Grongratulations on your excellent site. Keep up the good work as we need people to inspire us in the fast progressive field of logistics

Frank McLaughlin from Ashburn, VA-USA -
In response to what you write, reproduced below: The Sun, or the effect of a top losing momentum, has nothing to do with the earth's wobble and precession. If anything the Sun's gravitational effect on the earth reduces the wobble. The wobble of a top (or the earth) is evident at full speed by looking at the counter-rotation at the bottom of the top (or of the earth). A top wobbling from slowing down is not the wobble that gives rise to procession. Not sure what to make of your website since you don't footnote anything or provide sources, but it is clear that the Egyptians understood precession and incorporated that into their buiding design, especially that of the Sphinx. Presumably the Sphinx was built during the Age of Leo. You write: "This wobble effect is a phenomenon caused by forces exerted by the Sun on the bulges of the Earth at the Equator." The wobble effect is best explained in terms of a spinning top. As the top begins to lose momentum it begins to wobble. It is this same kind of circular movement, or wobble, of the Earth, which moving at a constant speed over long periods of Time alters the direction of the Polar Axis."

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Chris Damms from Sheffield ENGLAND
Christopher@dammsc.freeserve.c -

Samuel Manheim from NY -
Its the second time I visited your web site. Looks interesting. i send you greetings

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Jackson Rhada from NY -
I will visit this site frequently. Hope there will be more and more resources provided. .

Carson Blackwell from NY -
Love this web, I?ll be back soon to checek it again, Joshua Odin

Christian Fisher from NY -
Thank you. I love this site! great webmaster! Greetings from NY.

Shelby Tsu from NY -
I really enjoyed your website. Good luck in your work.

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Rishi Pd Nepal from Thamel-kathmandu_Nepal - http;//
very nice website well done best of in Near future. Regards Rishi

Ann from
Nice site Good resource it's very interesting site! your site is fantastic

diane from anaheim, USA
Very intreging stuff! Sincerely, Diane

Ranger BlackRose from -
I'd like to invite you to check out the Hall of Ma'ati team at the Mystickal Realms website competition where I feel your site would be a great asset to the team! It's a great place to make lasting friendships and have lots of fun, so I hope to see you there!

Diane Sanger from Wrexham U K
good page I have read your book and that was great. I am a fan of yours

wine from chicago-us -
very ineresting... thank you for site

Marina from Kiev Ukraine -
Very informative website! Thanks!

wczasy from -
Great site,thanks for all the great info

Igor Petrov from Gawler SA -
Great Site!

Beatrice Hall from Washington Tyne & Wear -
Keep up the good work Audrey I do keep poping in on your work from time to time so proud.

Petja from
good site Great work Audrey!

Bev Schneider from River Falls, Wisconsin -
It looks like you put a lot of hard work into your site! Great job! Will be back soon! Bev

shango from london england
sheer brilliance and intellegents adore it

sklep agd from Warsaw -
Well done, this site is really great. Just wanted to say hello, keep up the good work!

nicky from atlanta -
Hello I've always been into ancient egypt. What do you guys think of the helicopter glyphs and the ones that depict UFOs in them? Someday I'll venture out to see it myself. There is too much bad info on the net about this subject. Its kewl to see good info instead of balloon footage from Jeff Willis and his hoaxer buddies. I'll bookmark this place.

Angel from uk -
What a great site, mounds of info, great layout and easily read. Why not visit me at and see what you think of my site.

Tyler Haywood from Granby, Ct -
This website is agood thing. Need more info on Atlantis. Great pictures. Edgar Cayce I find fascinating. You should hear my serendipity stories related to him. The Tree of Life you found by the cave is very familar. I must ask my sister about it. Something strikingly similar occured to her if I recall correctly. I'll definately refer her to the sight. Thanks for life.

Malik Santiago from orlando,florida - http://?????????????????????????????
Fascinating/complied wonderfully,and nothing comes close this site. I understand thee importance of the beginnings,and heritage...

B J Zerkel from Ocean Park, Washington -
After years of my own research, I have just read through your website, and verified all of my studies. I am overwhelmed.

alan madley from emsworth hampshire england -
Hell Audrey!! Your capability for research is sans fronteirs, possitively enormous. The truth is out there and you have shown it to us. The "Establishment," the 6% who contrive to mislead us with their unified published theories that need pulping, has been highlighted yet again as a non searcher of 'absolute truth,' pushing out their own version of 'truth' without foundation: just as Christianity has done and is still doing. You have shown that an honest approach to historical research brings its rewards in unlikely ways, and the use of modern technology is brushing aside the nonsense we have been fed for far too long. My Heroines are Venus and Audrey: the former for some thirty-odd years, the latter os of now! Warmest regards: alan.

Ramas from Riga -
I must say you have an interesting site. Good Job!

ThomasCat from Covington, La, USA -
I'm enjoying your website very much, lots of info. Looking forward to your book.

aaron from Luize -
I like the way the website was so organized and it had all the info I needed for a school project.

Nitu from Texas -
I really like your site

toto from china
fshj@sayte -
very good i got lots of info from ur website

Joshua M. Gray from Texas -
Good stuff ... thanks for sharing :-)

Body from
I great site - The Royal Arch precession is very enlightening.

willias daniels from tacoma wa - http://dotn have one
i really need as many pics of anubis in all his forms as possible cause i want to get a tattoo of him on my arm or something. well i guess you with your greatness on the subject could email me some please. i would really apreciate it! thanks willias.

great work

randy harris from Birmingham, Ala. - http://none
A Great,Great,web page!

Net-Hetep A.A. Ta'Nesert from Oklahoma City, Ok. 73117 -
your site and its information is beautiful and much needed. you already know that you are fulfilling your divine and civil contract. know that you are dearly loved! and so it is.... net-hetep

Colin Lowery from Washington, Tyne and Wear -
I have lived in Washington (Weshintin) for 56 years and I have learned a lot from your site. Ta. ta ra Colin

heather paracy from

Gramp's Lamps from Pa Dutch Country, USA -
Excellent Site! Thank-you & God Bless!

Jackie from UK -
Interesting site.. Very different, and I like very different things!

Servant Indo from Long Beach Wa
Good site. I thought it was really informational. I need to know though, can you get anything on the Papyrus of Ani? Of maybe the Egyptain Book of the Dead?

Ranger D'Muse from England -
Greetings! My name is Ranger D'Muse and I must say you have done an outstanding job on your site! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here and I thank you for sharing it with me. Come join us, Hall of Ma'ati at Mystickal Realms, and gain more site traffic, win some awards and have fun. I feel that your site would fit in perfectly with our team. I know you will really love it there!

D.A.BRIGGS from COLUMBUS, OHIO - http://none as yet

ben thompson from bega, australia -
dig here

jos van der vliet from Noord-scharwoude, the netherla -
I was looking on the web, because I was reaching something about the tree of life, and than I found your site. I saw much more on this site, so I have to write this site in a good way to find you another time.

Julie Fenwick (nee Davison) from Newcastle -
amazing seeing the old school and such an outside interest after so many years

Michael Brown from Philadelphia, PA 19146 - http://none
I glanced through your website, an I find some things very interesting. Were are you located?


gede from denpasar-bali-indonesia -
Great site, will share this with friends

maga from usa -
maga is here mugu keep it up maga and mugu.

zaffani herotides from jundiai Brasil -
gostaria de saber sobre meu sobre nome ZAFFANI

Robert from Naples,Florida, USA -
I admire your search for the truth. This is a very interesting site though not without several errors. One example is in part 2, the glyph of the hawk is actually called a quail chick and not found atop a standard as a falcon or even the sparrow. I believe the word you have there would be translated as a royal "proclamation", which is still an utterance albeit, see Faulkner's concise dictionary of Middle Egyptian. I will not persue this critic any further because as you I too am trying to unravel the mystery of the pyrimids and temples, such as the Osirion at Abydos. Thank you for shedding light on a dark mystery. R.T.32

claude revelation from USA -
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Uzoagba from awka -

Narda Alvelo from Villa Park, Illinois -
I'm trying to prepare a research project about the possible causes for the disappearance of the AncientMayan Civilization. Can anybody help? I would really appreciate any kind of info on it. Your page is outstanding Great Job!

gostaria saber origem do meu sobre nome ZAFFANI

Val from
Searching for some nice material on Google, I came across this site. I must say I was overwhelmed with the feeling of seeing it. Keep it up!

Paul Carter from Chelmsford, Essex, UK -
Hi, I have been doing spiritual healing on my Dad as he has Cancer. As I was healing I believe a person called Ramasees drew close and comunicated through me. Please could you e-mail me some info on Ramasees. Thanks and Kind Regards, Paul.

I love this very page, keep on the good work.

ashleigh potter from -
Wonderful site

Audrey Drum (miller) from australia -
this is unreal findin a page with my name on it

Lekok from Denpasar - Bali, Indonesia -
I like your website; I will share this with friends

Bro. Kenneth Skates 33 from
This is a great work that you have represented and is worthy of great Honor, this knowledge should be shared to free all mens minds. -
Jamaica , N.Y. United States

malcolm orr from perth australia -
Once,when my mind had become intent on the things which are........!

the "baptizer" from the eastern gate-giza-egypt
we are at the end of the 12th age(the end time) and at the dawn of the new beginning(the first time). the "god spell" of the sun of god that fed the multitude with TWO fish should have prepared the way for the "god spell" of the sun of god in the image of the "baptizer". why did the "baptizer" come before "his time"? which is the greater "light"? the sun of god in the image of the "baptizer" is the greater "light". the wheel in the sky keeps on turning. the CIRCLE must be UN"broken", ON EARTH, as it is, in heaven. who will take up the cross of the SIGN of the "baptizer"? who will restore the "order" of the AGES, AS ABOVE, SO BELOW? AMEN, AMEN-RA, AMEN-RE. the age of aquarius is the age of "RE" enlightenment. the age of aquarius is the age of the "RE" establishment of the "heavenly kingdom" of the sun of god, ON EARTH. so let it be written, so let it be done, ON EARTH, as it is, in heaven. AMEN this is the god of the second born, prince of EGYPT, RA-moses II.

the "baptizer" from eastern gate-giza-egypt
the halo on the cross is the sun of god on the solar cross. there are 12 SIGNS of the cross of the sun of god. during the age of leo, the SIGN of the cross of the sun of god was the lion, the king of "beasts". each of the 12 SIGNS of the cross is a "beast". during the age of pisces the SIGN of the cross of the sun of god was the SIGN of the fish. during the age of aquarius, the sign of the cross of the sun of god is the SIGN of the "baptizer", the man bearing water. the "false beast" is the image of the dead crucified jesus on the cross of the sun of god. the age of pisces was the 12th age, the "end time". humanity was deceived in the "end time" by the "anti-christ". the true christ is the man bearing water, the SIGN of the baptizer. the baptizer is the true SIGN of the cross of the sun of god. with his return, god's blessing will be "poured out" on all.

Lewis Paulakos from Pembroke Pines-Florida-USA
6/30/2004 -
Im amazed to see humanity incorporating the heavenly precession through the zodiac in signs and symbols as extensions of their deities. Makes one think huh...

Chris from Rapid City, South Dakota -
See the Masses seething Deep in the shade of the Gun The Cannibals are teething The Mordant Web is spun And in the pallid beating Of the Hangman's Drum Sordid children paint their faces With the Rising Sun ~ San Quentin State Prison California, USA 1995 Trellis 2004

James from Boston MA -
Your site is profound and astro-tastic! I got here by looking for gods born on my birthday 9/22 the fall equinox - ASK JEEVES served you up via the query "fall equinox god born" hehe!! Hesus/Hu ! Rightous!

RLA from Washington, DC -

Svenja from Thousand Oaks
Thanx, cause u helped me get an A on my English Project ;)

Herotides Zaffani from Jundiai Brasil -
gostaria de ganhar uma viagem para italia se possivel pela alitalia

zaffani from jundiai Brasil - http://s
gostari de trabalar na italia

Kate Thompson from Woking, Surrey,England
JHWK@Ripley/ -
Intriguing website. It is a pleasure to read your works.

Emma Litherland from England -
very good

Nicole George from Columbus NE

George Green from Sydney - http://None
Great web site. I have learned more about Freemasonry in the last few hours than I ever dreamed possible.

jason from peatersburg-wv-usa -
i would like to know more aboth you all and how to be come a member plz send me info

Frank Nelson from Adelaide, South Australia
None - http://None
The best web site I've come across on Ancient Egypt. You really have decoded their secrets. Well done! Orion is high in our brilliant night sky at present, but I shall try and locate the Celestial Sphinx as well from now on. Wishing you continued success in 2004. Signed Frank Nelson 3rd Jan 2004.

brother daniel wittal from calgary -
have yourself a wonderful year and do good for you and your brother

Lindsey Fernandez from New York
950 underhill - http://Audrey's guest book
the people that you do for the kids and then you was there for them and so that you we was thinking that you was there for them thankyou againg for your help.

Kayla from

James Mitchell from

James Ashton from Hexham
Very very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shabaka from Virginia USA
Great information to add to my novice education about KMT.

Michael Julihen from Ottawa/ Ontario / Canada -
I have always been fascinated with the Pyramids, and I have yet to discover its secrets. I have only so far read part of your web site . I have learned a great deal about the different Ages. Thank You.

Manoochehr Arian from Mashhad Iran -
You have very good site. Why do you choose eagle for sine of zodiac? We are waiting for your email. In old Iran we have the same. See archaeoastronomers site: Regards Arian

Leanne from alberta calgary -
thanx u helped me on my homework this is a great place to research stuff u had everthing i needed

Naomi from Washington, Tyne and Wear, UK
I was deeply amazed at coming across the history of the town which I was practically born in. The infromation was intriguing which made me feel a sense of pride. Thanks for so much effort put into the website. I'm sure there will be many more people with the same gratitude!

anthonycrowley from london -
can you email me any info on imothep the designer of king ramasees pyramid yours anthonycrowley

Jim (girl) from NZ
Kool! xx

leina from slidell,La,usa
verry asome bye

Deborah from Kissimmee, FL- USA -
Your website is not only fantastic, but the way it's formatted lets me see the story and the meanings in a much brighter light.

cole from middle town -
hey i really need a ss.web site to refer to thanks

Sarah Moseley from Frisco Cape Hatteras USA - http://????
This is a cool website

LucX from V NS
Hope 2 C U at Zep Tepi Em Hotep

Wesley Revels from St. Joseph -
Without the freedom to investigate we would never know our own TRUE past. Belief Systems, how they become twisted with time... Politics and power, we are our own spirit of darkness. May we all strive to transcend the power of darkness and meet, act, and part, as True Brother Freemasons.

Gary Simpk from New York - http://Non
Your Page shows that you have done a great deal of research in the field of egyptian theology and history, as far as i'm concern it's insiteful,intriging and innovative,Personaly I belive you've touched on the truth.

don wan from lagos city apapa nigeria -
i dey here oooooohhhhhhhhhh

Mike Turmel from -
You have put in a lot of work on your webpage you would make a great astro-archaeologist. Though I dont agree with everything you say, you do have great insite. Thank you for sharing your views with us. Mike Turmel Whiteface Mountain Lodge 789 AF & AM

Lance willis from TAMWORTH NSW, AUSTRALIA -
It's greatto connect with like minded people

Lonnie E. Wiggins ,II from Dallas , Tx -
Very good. Its a great thing to make a Mason smile! AF & AM 4 ever!!!!!1

explore eygpt!


Mina from Fairfax
As a descendent of Nubia I take great pride in your site. You have a lot of info about the origin o my people. Loved the site

Ien from Huai an China

sophia from shanghai china -
It is very interesting.Everybody can learn something from here.

߾ from --CHINA

gaojun from liuan-anhui-PRC -
very good

zahirin zaffani from alor gajah, malacca., malaysia -
two thumbs up!!!

naynay from Bridgeport
cinnamon_swirl20004 -
excellent guest book write me sometime

georgia day from luton england -

Harry Lamb from Washington Tyne&Wear - http://N/A
I have lived in Washinton all my life and i found your site very good.

susan proudfoot from Dover Kent England - http://n/a
I was brought up in Washington for my first 9yrs. I am finding out about the history of my birthplace and what surprised me was your site, with all this info, that i had no idea about,the history is so rich and i long for more. The Druids and Eygpt has always caught my minds eye.

luis from Spain -guadalajara - http://no
muy interesante y acertado. gracias.

jayne asott from belfast -
this website is great!I can study the life and times of the Egyptians!

Gail from

Marc Donaghy from Paisley, Scotland -
What a Site Audrey and a Book too. I will be sending my cheque soon, please e-mail me if there is a charge for P+P. I will spread the Word about this site & your book, as the old Sumerian proverb goes, "He who knows,Why should he keep it Secret". Hear from you soon. Marc

Meilin from Japan -
I think your website is very good to use when someone is researching on ancient Egypt! Right now, my classmates and I have to do a report on a country that we choose. We have to include government,Sociology(people), geography,economy ,last but not least, History! I really like going to this website for really good info!

Kari Jenson from Nashville,Tenessee -
I can really use your website to look up some information on ancient Egypt for the History section of Report! I think this is one of the best websites I've ever been to about ancient Egypt!

Fred Wilesmith from NSW Australia
pogo8@iprimus -
Fantastic site Audrey I`m sure there would be numerous Masons reading this informative site you most certainly have put a lot of effort into it...........keep up the good work

Ruthy from San Leandro, CA -
Very informative. I am researching the egyptians for hw.

U dunt hav to kno from Sri Lanka mon
dun wurry - http://4get bout it
nice...2 tuff jus 2 tuff

Sabeehah from keighley -


Hefe' from Portland, OR. US -
Very informative. Thank you. Now I need more! Can you or anyone give suggestions? Thanks again. Hi everyone!

Dawn from uk
Hi Audrey - I managed to find my way back here :) Site now saved ;)


ashley from southlake tx -
hey i love egypt i am studing it now in my school

Nazeelah from Cape Town -South Africa -
i've been interested in ancient egypt and ufo's for as long as i can remember. information was just never enough and pretty soon i knew everything there was to knkow about ancient egypt; all the theories, all the kings and queens, all the traditions and all the customs. Or so i thought, until i visited your site. You have given me a new thirst for the ancients and for that i thank you. It must've tkaen alot of time and effort to create this amazing site. I but well worth it. Anyone interested in discussing ancient egypt or any other ancients or ufo's can mail me. nazeelah (28 January 2003)

@dawlish-ratcliffe.devon.sch.u -

lahannda worthy from Daly city - http://htty://
I love learning about antient egypt its histroy and its makes me proud of my histroy how strong it is. Lashannda

nasrullah sundrani from karachi-pakistan - http://none
This site is more intresting, because of its glorious knowldge. I am very much fond of knowing about the astrology of ancient Egyptians.

nicole (dobbie) from atco -
this place is great helped me get amazing info and pics for my report i got an a+ i love this site its so cool

Emily A. from Rolling meadows IL
I really like your pageit very interesting.

Audrey Williams from Palmetto Georgia 30268 -

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"study your math kids! key to the universe!"-christopher walken as the angel gabriel in "the prophecy". 20x26=520, 520/720=13/18 (pretty sneaky) 20/26=40/52=720/936 mayan dresden codex numbers: 1366560 1364360 number of the 13-14-15 triangle:5x9x12x13x14x15=1474200 1364360/1474200=(approx.)666/720 1366560/1474200=(approx.)618/666 venusian cycles (with sun and moon):37960 1366560/37960=36 1366560/365=3744 beginning of mayan calendar:3111 b.c. disappearance of mayan civilization:633a.d.? 2002-633=1369=37x37 1364360/365=3737.972... 1366560/25920=52.7222...=936/18+13/18 936/13=72 1366560/1440=949 1366560/540=7592/3 7592/144=52.7222... 1474200/12600(polar flip)=117 117x8=936 37960/14400=2.636111...,x360=949 37960/25920x360=527.222... 960/37=25.945945... 945/999=630/666 6:30(on the clock)is at the same position as 630 degrees. 1474200/630=2340 degrees(15-sided polygon) 1474200/234=6300 degrees(37-sided polygon)(170 30/37 degrees/angle) 37960/40=949 on my birthday there is a total solar eclipse and new moon on the 18.5 degree lunar node.18.5x2=37 52x.7222...=37.555=338/9 december 4(338th day) 338=13x(13+13) 25920x.7222...=18720 18720x360=52 338/666=365.405405.../720 .7222...x24 hours=5:20pm november 22,1998(1st day sagittarius)-may 5,2002(cinco de mayo)=42 months 2160x338=730080 730080/365.242=1998, november 22 the earth has a radius of 3960 the ratio of moon to earth is 3:11 deuteronomy 3:11 is the second mention of giants in the bible the moon is 2160 miles in diameter. 6x6x6=216 did i forget to mention i'm also... Romanian? 5:40 pm time to go! good luck!

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Dear Audrey, wonderful web site. Like the background on the facade of the Port Adelaide Masonic centre, I have often looked at this and thought that masons and non-masons alike should pay more attention to it. I was also impressed with the info on the druids and 'Hesus'. One of my particular areas of interest is the Druids and Antient Celtic Christiantiy in Britain and its Egyptian/Jerusalem roots.

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i am of british, irish, german and hungarian ancestry. my birthday is december 4th 1968 my address during my teen years was 618 lorraine avenue. 1x9x6x8=432, 432 divided by 2 = 216 there is a total solar eclipse on december 4th 2002 according to the jewish talmud god has a secret name which is 216 letters and 72 syllables long. 6x6x6=216 72x3=216 it's also stated in the text that the 37th divided name of god is ANI. 37x18=666 in the original hebrew, exodus 14:19 - 14:21 is comprised of 3 verses of 72 letters each. 14 divided by 21 is .666... if you draw a point on a circle every 111 degrees, you can do this 120 times until you reach zero again.if you then connect these points with lines the result will be 37 'near 13 point stars' that shift every 3 degrees. 12 equilateral curved pentagrams can be drawn on a sphere that connect at the points. in the space left over can be drawn 20 hexagons that can be broken into 120 60-60-60 (equilateral) triangles. in genesis, 120 is the number of years man shall live to. the verse which states the number of the beast is revelations 13:18. 13 divided by 18 is .7222... a pentagram's points are 72 degrees apart. if you zero out a circle at the right point where the diameter bisects it horizontally and go counter-clockwise until you've reached the 5th (lower right) point of a pentagram, it falls at 306 degrees. go a full 360 degrees again and it adds up to 666. this is also the same point where the angle of a decagon will fall. if you take the bottom point of the circle (270 degrees) and add 36 degrees, you will also fall on the point of 666 degrees. this creates a 36-72-72 triangle, which has a base of 1 and sides of 1.618... (the golden ratio). the golden ratio correlates to the fibonacci series and spirals in nature: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144... 144 is the first square in the fibonacci series (12x12). in revelations there are 12 tribes of israel with 12,000 people each. which are as one the 144,000 chosen people. the angles of a decagon are 144 degrees each. my favorite group, 'static-x', has an albumn called 'wisconsin death trip'. the 12th song is entitled 'december' and is 6 minutes 18 seconds long. on their 2nd albumn 'machine', there is a 12, a 4 and a 3 on the cover. 12x4x3=144. the number 12 is associated with the celtic god, dahgda. the number 72 is associated with the egyptian god, osiris. there is an ancient egyptian picture of horus and other gods attacking a goat-headed entity with 12 constellations in the sky. if you draw a pentagram within a pentagon within a decagon, the sum of each angle's digits adds up to 9. if you draw an octagram within an octagon, the sum of each angle's digits adds up to 9. the angles that are found within the pentagram, pentagon, decagon are: 144,108,72,36,18. 18x2=36, 36x2=72, 72x2=144, 108x2=216. it takes 54 degrees after 666 degrees to reach 720 degrees (or zero again). 72 divided by 54 equals 4/3. the volume of a sphere equals: 4/3 (pi)r cubed. at one time when the earth rotated faster there were 12 moons in a 360 day year. the great red spot of jupiter is at 19.5 degrees latitude. the great dark spot of neptune is at 19.5 degreple and attract more attention to your site! Please visit us at We would be delighted to welcome you!

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Hi! My name is Audrey too!! I'm 12 years old and I was wondering have you ever been to egypt and explored the pramids? Because I know stuff that nobody else knows about things in Egypt and sometimes it just freaks me out. So if you can e-mail me back. Thanks!!

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now at the dawn of a 'new bond' AGE, when the 'sun of god' 'shines down' on us in the 'image of the man bearing water' as he is 'crucified' on the 'easter cross' of the 'sun of god'(AMEN), and then rises and ascends into the 'heavenly kingdom' of god 'on the 3rd day', will the inhabitants of the earth realize that they were deceived by the 'false image' of the 'crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension' of the PISCEAN 'SUN of god' 'that fed the multitude with TWO FISHES'? will humanity celebrate the 'passover' of the 'bond' AGE of the 'SIGN of the fish'? ON EARTH, as it is, IN HEAVEN. AMEN, AMEN-RE, AMEN-RA, the only begotten 'SUN of god'(personified).

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Trevor, I am sending you some complimentary copies of my self published book "Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations" for the Time Capsules. However I will be customizing the front cover for you first ... the new title will read "Port Adelaide Masonic Centre: A Legacy of the Ancient Egyptians". Best wishes, Audrey.

Trevor Molde from Adelaide -
As the present Worshipful Master of The Adelaide Lodge No 2 SAC, may I congratulate you on your scholarship, in writing this page. I will be including a copy in 3 time capsules which we are putting away, so that it will be read in 10, 25 and 44 years time (our bicentennial)> It told me thing sthat I never knew. Thanks

Tony Allison from Adelaide, South Australia -
Having been a member of a lodge which meets at the Port Adelaide Masonic Centre and Preceptor of Light of the South Chpater of Improvement, which has as it's base, the Port Adelaide Masonic Centre, I am intrigued by what I have seen. Next time I visit, I will LOOK UP and note the features so identified. I think I was actually on the site when the photographs were taken because I remember standing outside and thinking "Why is that lass so interested in this building?" Believe, I'll check as curiosity is a very strong force!!!!. Well done! Freemasonry is the better for more information. Thank you.

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I found this site to be quite interesting and quite informative. I'd recommend getting Starry Night Pro from Canada, Inc. becuase it's supposed to be more accurate than Skyglobe. has both, Windows and Mac versions of Starry Night Pro. It'd be quite interesting to see how the night sky looks using Starry Night Pro in comparison with Skyglobe that you've used. Starry Night Pro is supposed to be very accurate and even more accurate than Skyglobe when going back to 14000 B.C.E. (16000 years ago) and can even go back much much further than that. Great site! -- Robert

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I think it's great but do you think you could have more project information? I need stuff on Seti what ever it is and i can't find it. Is it on here? Otherwise it's great.

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what a wonderful site

John from Hampshire, United Kingdom -
Great Stuff! This is the best researched material on Freemasonry and the Ancient Egyptian connection I have ever seen. I will definitely add a link to your web site on

Hendrik Pieterse from Newcastle - South Africa -
Hi Audrey, I have an keen interest in Ancient Egyptians and allso the Ancient World. Your site was VERY informative and interesting. I enjoyed it!. Keep up your research. I'm sure that you will find a few more interesting facts. Yours Fraternally Hendrik

Jerry Henrichs from Concord, CA, USA
Very interesting information & site.

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What a wonderful informative site

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A wide range of helpful information. It proved very useful for my research. Thanks!!!

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Great site! My son has a science project due and he will be getting alot of info from this site!!!! We are so glad we found it! Thank You for working so hard and sharing your knowledge with all of us out here.

the Child Prince from Northern British Columbia -
I was reading a book entitled "The Listeners", in which the Dogon tribe were mentioned, along with a race of beings known as the Setians, who were supposed to have populated the earth during our prehistoric times (age of the dinosaurs); apparently they destroyerd themselves along with the dinosaurs. I found your site interesting -- perhaps you might search out the Setians?

Amy from Ohio
Very informative!

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karenedwards92@h -
It was grat. I like to research in these types of mythology.

Davi Konter from Atlanta GA

Robin from Linthicum, Maryland, USA
I really enjoyed this web site, though it took me awhile to find it, through all the links. Keep up the good work. Blessed Be

Isela Bradley from Hollister, California
I am a 6th grader, and doing a report on the Ancient Egyptions, I love your site! It's given me a lot of info I need. I'm almost done with my 1st draft, all thanks to you, and your site! Keep up the good work!!!

Johnathon Richards from Kentucky
I think that this sight is very cool, I got on here to do a project over ancient egypt and found every thing I needed

Steph from Albuquerque

Tom McClellan from Welland, Ontario CANADA
I am 'blown away' by the depth of your understanding of andcient Egypt & it's many connections with Freemasonry. I'm really learning something! Thank you.

Liz from Ephrata, Pa
I just got smarter because of you Audrey!


Alejandra Q from waltham , massachusetts
I like your website but it needs better and colorful pictures

Len Farra from Essex
Brilliant research but there is much more yet to be discovered.

Janet from Pennsylvania
The ancient Egyptians are a very fascinating people. You did a wonderful job on the constellation of Orion. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Mario Warnaar from the Netherlands
Enjoyed my stay, 've been twice in Egypt. Best wishes for 2001.Mario

Nancy from America
The omphalos syndrome is the phenomena of all known peoples having a (usually centrally located) temple which is the local base of the world tree. Greatly appreciated the linguistics. Took me years to arrive at some of what you tell.

Lennie W. Bible from Maryville, Tn
Wonderful. I am very interested in ancient history and have read some about the sumarians, etc. and truly see what you are talking about.

Juan Macedo from Houston Tx. USA
Is it my pasion

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Deidre - Australia
This is a wonderful site. Great job28

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tale - Macedonia
I like this very much24

Peter Harrison from New York USA
A fabulous web page! Most certainly the best I have ever read on Ancient Egypt. Your deciphering of the Narmer Plate is just incredible. Egyptologists would do well to read your work. Congratulations!

Pat from GHS. Gawler, South Australia.
It was wonderful to read so much about the Ancient Egyptians. Audrey keep going, I'm sure you have more to discover. Your Webb page is just beautiful

Ivy from Wrekenton
Your part on Washington Village is grand. The pictures are lovely. My favourite is the one of the church in the snow.

Elaine Chandler from Washington Tyne-Wear England
Audrey, it stirs my soul to discover that I am priviledged to be one of the children of the pyramids. Many thanks and god bless.

George Banks from Springwell England
I think your discovery of the celestial sphinx is wonderfull. What lovely photos too. An ancient egyptian temple would be the last thing you would expect to see in Australia!

Joyce Watson from Barmston Washington
I think your webpage is beautiful.

Margaret Stevenson from Washington Tyne-Wear
I was fascinated when I read about your discovery in the Sunderland Echo. Who would have thought the stars held so many secrets?

Jack Armstrong from Washington, Tyne-Wear, England
I just had to congratulate you on your web page. Every section reveals something new. I had no idea what precession was before but I do now. Weren't those egyptians clever to work it all out.

John Jones from Washington, Tyne-Wear, England
Audrey, I think that you have written a fantastic webpage. It is like Ancient Egypt is reaching out to us.

Kate Brown from Washington Tyne-Wear
What a great web page. I never dreamt that there was still all of this to be learned about Ancient Egypt. I have started to look up at the sky at night and have even borrowed a book on astronomy from the library.

Jimmy Jenkins from Penshaw, England
I read about your discovery in the Sunderland Echo. It is amazing about the Celestial Sphinx. Your Web Page is a credit to you. I look forward to reading more of your discoveries. Well done!

John Harrison from Chester-le Street
I had a job finding your web page but am pleased that I finally did. I saw your article in the Washington Star. I was diasappointed there wasn't a picture of the celestial sphynx though. Keep up the good work Audrey.

Billy Carr from Lambton, Washington, England
I was amazed at your insight into Freemasonry. I liked how you said they were subtle references. A person who was not a Freemason would never pick them up. A remarkable Web Page. Well done!

Mary Thompson from Sunderland England
Dear Audrey, I just had to ask who did your illustrations. I think they are terrific.

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Audrey, I read the article about you in the Washington Star. I have really enjoyed reading your work on Ancient Egypt. Fascinating.

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I great site - The Royal Arch precession is very enlightening.

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good page I have read your book and that was great. I am a fan of yours

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