Giza, the Stellar Observation Deck

Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations: Part 16

By Audrey Fletcher

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The Seventh Age: The Age of Aquarius
         Soon we will be entering the Age of Aquarius. According to the calculations of the Ancient Egyptians, this will be:

  • the Seventh Age
  • the Winter Equinox in the Precession of the Ages of the Zodiac
  • the beginning of a new Galactic Season
  • the beginning of a new Trinity or Triad of Ages

         The Age of Aquarius will dawn when the Winter Equinox in the Precession of the Ages of the Zodiac takes place at sunrise on the 21st of December 2012. The beginning of a New Age was considered to be a Process of Purification by the Ancient Egyptians. The Great Conjunction will occur when four celestial events in Time converge and synchronize. Time and co-ordination must be precise.


The Great Conjunction
marking the Dawn of The Age of Aquarius
at 6:48 am 21st December 2012

         The "Place of Purification" is actually recorded in the Ancient Egyptian "Book of the Dead" which contains religious ritual and is of cosmic significance.

Abt: The Place of Purification

         The Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, which resembles the rectangular base of a pyramid with an underground entrance, is the hieroglyph for "temple". Above this base are three horizontal rows of the symbol for "water" which is translated variably as Nu, Nun, Mau and Mu in Ancient Egyptian. This water hieroglyph represents both the Primordial Ocean of Nun, and also the Milky Way. Perhaps they are one and the same. The hemisphere above the water symbol represents both the Sacred Mound, Nu, rising out of the Waters of Nun, as well as the Sun rising out of the Waters of the Milky Way. A stylized Tree of Life, Axis Munde, in the form of the Mummy of Osiris drinking the Waters of Purification (the origin of the "Opening of the Mouth Ceremony" which was conducted upon the mummy of a deceased pharaoh) stands to our left of the three-tiered glyph. The head of the Mummy Osiris, represents the Sun while the Water of Life, or of Purification, represents the ecliptic along which the Sun appears to move across the heavens. That the Mummy is facing to the left indicates that the combined hieroglyph is meant to be read from left to right. From this double glyph meaning the "Place of Purification" it is clear that:

  • The Creation Myth occurred at the Place of Purification.

  • The Creation Myth and the Place of Purification are one and the same.

  • The Creation Myth is an explanation of where to locate the Place of Purification.

  • Creation occurred at the Place of Purification.

  • Creation is a process of Purification. Remember in the discussion of the Nermer Plate that Osiris was the Creation Principle. Taking this a step further in relation to Purification, Osiris becomes the Purification Principle and also the Principle of Precession.

  • At the Place of Purification there will be a Fourfold Conjunction. This sets the precise Time when the Purification will occur. Reading from left to right and bottom to top: the Sun on its journey along the ecliptic will enter a passageway, be purified in the Waters of the Milky Way and be reborn.

  • The importance of the passageway (or entrance, or portal) is emphasised by its being symbolized twice. Firstly in the "mouth" of the Mummy, and secondly in the opening at the base of the pyramid or temple. An entrance, a passageway and rebirth suggest the presence of a womb. Could a pyramid, such as the Pyramid of Giza, be considered as a "womb"? Indeed it could.

         The four celestial events in Time that will converge to mark the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius, and which can only be viewed with precision from Latitude 30 degrees North, will be:
  • The rising Winter Solstice Sun. This will be viewed from Earth as half above and half below the horizon.

  • The bisecting line across the Milky Way. The line that appears to bisect the Milky Way is in fact the horizon. The celestial hemisphere above the horizon is the dome of the sky which will be visible at the time of The Great Conjunction. The celestial hemisphere below the horizon will not visible. In Ancient Egypt the Milky Way was considered to be the Celestial Nile. The River Nile was the earthly Water of Life to the Ancient Egyptians; without the Nile there would have been no great Ancient Egyptian civilization. The Milky Way, was their spiritual Water of Life. The Milky Way represented the Waters of Life in which the Tree of Life had its roots. Referring back to the simulation of the Great Conjunction you will discover the origin of the Creation Myth of the Ancient Egyptians. They explained the origin of the universe in terms of a primordial ocean called Nun. It wasn't flat; rather it was in the shape of a cosmic egg and from this cosmic egg was born the primeval hill called Nu. Of the Tree of Life (the Axis Munde) is written "I am the plant which comes from Nu; my mother is Nut." Notice how in the "Northern Hemisphere" the Sacred Mound, Nu, has risen out of the Waters of Nun: the Milky Way. The Tree of Life (Axis Munde) is the central invisible line, which joins the North and South Celestial Poles and around which the sky appears to pivot. The "reflection" is the Netherworld of the gods. The celestial globe is in the shape of a cosmic egg!

  • The ecliptic. This is the apparent course of the Sun across the sky over a one-year period. In reality it is the Earth moving around the Sun over a one-year period which causes this illusion and also the Seasons.

  • The constellation of Sagittarius. This aspect of the Great Conjunction is of paramount importance because Sagittarius is the gateway to the centre of our galaxy. (This is the opening or portal to the Netherworld in mythology.) The galaxy to which Earth belongs is called the Milky Way. It is a flat, spiral galaxy except for at the centre where it bulges. You can actually see this bulge formed by the internal dotted lines of the Milky Way where the Sun is rising in the Constellation of Sagittarius on the computer simulation. This is the Galactic Stellar Womb from which the rest of the galaxy was conceived and born. Today the Womb is estimated to contain 200 billion suns! Sagittarius can be equated with the entrance to the birth canal of the galaxy. When the Sun is in Sagittarius as part of the Great Conjunction, it is fathering a New Age.

             As already noted, the Great Conjunction can only be viewed with precision from Latitude 30 degrees North a fact which brings to light another lost secret of the Ancient Egyptians: the Guardians of Time. The Great Pyramid of Giza which stands on Latitude 30 degrees North is the perfect viewing point of the Great Conjunction. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built as a stellar observation deck for the Great Conjunction of December 21st 2012.

         Let us imagine that an observation platform has been erected at the top of the Great Pyramid and that we are standing on that platform to view the Great Conjunction: the four celestial events in Time that will converge to mark the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius. What would we expect to see as sunrise occurs at 6:48 am on December 21st 2012 in the direction of ESE?
  • The Sun is rising from its baptism in the waters of the Milky Way: a sign of the Sun's purification upon leaving the Age of Pisces, and also the consecration of the New Age of Aquarius.

  • The Milky Way is straddling the full 360 degrees of the horizon.

  • The Belt of the Milky Way is bisected by the horizon.

  • The visible section of the Milky Way above the horizon is "reflected" like a mirror image below the horizon "As above, so below."

  • Similarly the Sun is reflected in the waters of the Milky Way.

Viewing 360 degrees of the dawn skies from the top
of the Great Pyramid at Giza, latitude 30 degrees North,
at 6:48 am 21st December 2012

  • The "Southern Hemisphere" is a reflection of the "Northern Hemisphere". (Since the "Northern Hemisphere" is the heavens, then Earth as the "Southern Hemisphere" must be a reflection of the heavens "As above, so below.")

  • Venus is dipping her toes in the Waters of the Milky Way. Like Venus we too will dip our toes into the Waters of Life in the early years of the Age of Aquarius. At first we will be apprehensive of the new experience, and perhaps a little frightened, but as our confidence in the New Age increases we will tread deeper, finally becoming totally immersed in the Age of Aquarius.

A Dot within a Circle
         Viewing the Great Conjunction from the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Pyramid takes on the new role of being a dot in the centre of the great circle of the Milky Way. The hieroglyph of Ra, who is considered to be the Sun god of the Ancient Egyptians, is a dot within a circle. Until now the origin and meaning of the hieroglyph for Ra, has always been obscure.


A dot within a circle: the hieroglyph for Ra.

         Another lost secret of the Ancient Egyptians is reconfirmed the hieroglyph for Ra, the dot within a circle, is a reference to and symbol for the Precession of the Ages of the Zodiac. (See Part 5) Ra was not so much a Sun god as the embodiment of the concept of Precession. The Ancient Egyptians depicted Ra in his boat crossing the sky during the day and the Netherworld/Underworld during the night, on his eternal journey of Precession; each day heading closer to the Dawn of the next Age of the Zodiac. The twelve hours of night in the Netherworld of the Ancient Egyptians represented not only the Sun's movement through the nether regions at night, but also the Sun's movement through the twelve Ages of the Zodiac. When the Sun was Reborn/Resurrected at dawn this symbolized not only the birth of a new day, but also served as a reminder of the birth of an Age, a Season or a New Year in the Ages of the Zodiacs.

The Sun is Risen: The Son is Risen
         The Great Conjunction, when the Sun fathers a New Age, will last for only a split second of Time. Nearly three hours later, at 9:34 am, the Sun will be risen and the new child of the Age of Aquarius will have been born. As with the virgin births of Hesus and Jesus, the father is God the Sun. However in this instance the child is conceived in the Womb of Sagittarius, the Mother. The child is the new-born Son/Sun of God in the Age of Aquarius. God the Father and God the Son are one and the same. They are both the Sun. In the New Age of Aquarius the Sun is risen the Son is risen.
         December 21st 2012 does not mark the end of the world. It is not a time for mass hysteria. The timing marks an apparent event which occurs because of Precession. The Winter Equinox/Solstice occurs every year on December 21st but as many of us are about our Christmas preparations at that time we do not even notice its passing. The year 2012 will be no different. There is nothing to fear.

Footnote subtle references to Freemasonry are intentional.

Copyright Audrey Fletcher 1999
All rights reserved
Adelaide, South Australia

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