The Tree of Life and the Pyramids

Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations: Part 7

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The Tree of Life (the Axis Munde) and the Pyramids
         Further evidence of the Axis Munde in Ancient Egypt is to be found in the construction of the Pyramids. In mythology, sacred mountains reached up to the heavens to support the Celestial North Pole in other words, a sacred mountain acted in the capacity of an Axis Munde. (See Part 5) Since a pyramid is a sacred mountain it follows that a pyramid is an Axis Munde.
         However, because The Tree of Life is also an Axis Munde, it follows that a pyramid is a Tree of Life. As a Tree of Life, a Pyramid grows out of the Sacred Mound, it's branches reaching out and supporting the star and planet studded sky while it's roots reach down into the watery abyss of the Netherworld. The branches are the passages, once thought to be ventilation shafts, reaching out and supporting the heavens. The roots are the unfinished subterranean passages. The watery abyss of the Netherworld was the River Nile, which in the ancient past used to surround the Pyramids at Giza. The celestial counterpart of the River Nile is the Milky Way. (See Part 2)


The Great Pyramid at Giza is both the Sacred Mountain and the
Tree of Life (Axis Munde) around which the heavens appear
to revolve. The star is the Pole Star, representing the
Celestial North Pole. The dotted line represents the original
Sacred Mound upon which the Great Pyramid was constructed.

         It has become clear that the Great Pyramid is both the Sacred Mountain i.e. the Mound, and the Tree of Life (literally "Axis of the Mound") around which the heavens appear to revolve. Born out of the waters of the River Nile, (the Waters of Nun in the Creation Myth) the Great Pyramid is a monument in stone (built by masons) which encodes both the Creation Myth and the Concept of Precession one of the Lost Secrets of the Ancient Egyptians.

Footnote subtle references to Freemasonry are intentional.

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