"The Hall of Records"

Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations: Part 1

* * *

Who Mapped the Constellations?

The Remote Ancient Egyptians.

         Did you ever wonder who mapped the constellations? From the evidence about to be presented you would probably give the credit to the Ancient Egyptians … and you would be right!

         Astronomers agree that the Constellation of Orion is keeping the Constellation of Taurus the Bull at bay with his bow and arrows. The two long spikes above Orion's Bow are the horns of Taurus.


Orion keeping Taurus the Bull at bay
with his bow and arrows

         However when Orion is examined more closely in his connection with Ancient Egypt the scene takes on a new significance.
         In Ancient Egypt Orion was known as The Soul of Osiris. Traditionally Osiris is considered to be the Lord of the Two Lands; Lord of the Heavens and Lord of the Earth. He was also considered to be Lord of the Dead and in this capacity was always represented in mummy wrappings and wearing the White Crown of Egypt.

Orion: the Soul of Osiris

         Clearly the White Crown of Egypt, as much a symbol of Osiris as his mummy wrappings, is not evident in the constellation of Orion. However we do not have far to look for it. It is situated directly above his left arm. In fact Orion gives the appearance of having both arms upraised in the act of placing the White Crown of Egypt on his (non-existent) head! The White Crown is represented by the Constellation of Taurus.

Orion captured in the act of placing the
White Crown of Ancient Egypt on his head.

         The White Crown is as synonymous with Ancient Egypt as is the River Nile, the Sphinx and the Pyramids … and the Red Crown of Ancient Egypt enjoyed the same renown. Egyptologists associate the White Crown with Upper Egypt and the Red Crown with Lower Egypt due to misinterpretation of the Narmer Plate. (The subject of a later discussion paper.) They also mistakenly associate the Double Crown with the Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt around 3200BCE.

white crown
The White Crown
of Ancient Egypt
red crown
The Red Crown
of Ancient Egypt
double crown
The Double Crown
of Ancient Egypt

         Just as the White Crown of Ancient Egypt is mapped in the constellations so too is the Red Crown. To locate it we need look directly below the Constellation of Orion. Today the constellation is referred to as Lepus the Hare, so named by the Ancient Greeks, but in the days of the Ancient Egyptians it was referred to as Orion's Chair. When the constellation of Orion's Chair is rotated 90 degrees the Red Crown becomes evident.

orions chair

The constellation of
Orion's Chair
orions chair
Orion's Chair
flipped 90 degrees
red crown
The Red Crown
of Ancient Egypt

         Now let us take a look at the constellations of the Northern Winter night skies. Immediately recognizable are Orion, the White Crown of Ancient Egypt in Taurus and the Red Crown of Ancient Egypt in Orion's Chair.

Now, very carefully see if you can find another Red Crown, a face and an Osiris beard.


The Northern Winter Skies. From top left to top right: Gemini and Taurus.
From middle left to middle right: Canis Minor, Monoceros and Orion.
From bottom left to bottom right: Canis Major, Orion's Chair and Eridanus.

         No-one except the Ancient Egyptians could have contrived these star constellations. They are pertinent only to the Ancient Egyptian civilization. No other civilizations had Red Crowns, White Crowns, Osiris beards and a Sphinx! Remember also that in the Osiris Legend, Thoth is credited with having introduced all the arts and sciences, including astronomy and hieroglyphs, to the Ancient Egyptians. He was the Keeper of the Records. It was Osiris who was the source of all Knowledge. It was Osiris who contrived the constellations. It was Osiris who was the Great Architect

The constellations of Orion's Chair and Eridanus
form the Ancient Egyptian "Super Giant"
complete with the Red Crown and the Osiris Beard.

         The Ancient Egyptians kept their Secrets well. There is really no need to look beneath the Sphinx for the Hall of Records or the Pillar of Knowledge: we need only look up to the heavens. When the Super Giant, complete with Red Crown and Osiris Beard, is viewed his full length to the end of the constellation of Eridanus, the Sphinx is revealed!
         Directly in front of the Super Giant's mouth can be seen the Constellation of Orion. This positioning was not accidental. The Constellation of Orion, and by association Osiris, is being revealed as the Word of God. God is identified as the Celestial Sphinx.


The constellation of Eridanus extended to it's tail end reveals the Sphinx!
The constellation of Orion, and by association Osiris,
is revealed as the Word of God.
God is the Sphinx Super Giant comprised of the
Constellations of Lepus and Eridanus.
The Sphinx at Giza is a representation of God on Earth.

         God in his heaven is the Sphinx Super Giant situated alongside Orion, the Word of God. God on Earth is the Sphinx situated next to the Pyramids at Giza.

         The Pyramids at Giza, like Orion, are the Word of God …they are beginning to speak but they still hold many Secrets.

The Pyramids are the Word of God

There remains no room for doubt that the Ancient Egyptians mapped the heavens.

The veil has been lifted.
Nothing was wanting but the Key.

Footnote … subtle references to Freemasonry are intentional.

Copyright Audrey Fletcher 1999
All rights reserved
Adelaide, South Australia

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