From Celestial Sphinx to Celestial Fish

Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations: Part 18

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The Sun is Risen: The Son is Risen
         The Great Conjunction, when the Sun fathers a New Age, will last for only a split second of Time. Nearly three hours later, at 9:34 am, the Sun will be risen and the new child of the Age of Aquarius will have been born. As with the virgin births of Hesus and Jesus, the father is God the Sun. However in this instance the child is conceived in the Womb of Sagittarius, the Mother. The child is the newborn Son/Sun of God in the Age of Aquarius. God the Father and God the Son are one and the same. They are both the Sun. In the New Age of Aquarius the Sun is risen … the Son is risen.
         December 21st 2012 does not mark the end of the world. It is not a time for mass hysteria. The timing marks an apparent event which occurs because of Precession. The winter equinox occurs every year on December 21st but as many of us are about our Christmas preparations at that time we do not even notice its passing. The year 2012 will be no different. There is nothing to fear.
         We will however be aware of the importance of the moment when we witness the dawn of a new Galactic Season! It will be another 25920 years before this moment in Time will be repeated and witnessed by our descendants. We are a privileged people: the "Chosen Ones" some might say, as we will be present at the Resurrection, the Resurrection of the Sun/Son.
         The Dawn of the last Galactic Season, Taurus, was witnessed by the Ancient Egyptians on September 21st 4468BCE, and recorded by them on the Nermer Plate for posterity … lest the Secret of the Ages be lost. This Dawn was followed by a Golden Age for the Ancient Egyptians, an Age of accomplishment and prosperity. Like the Sun they had been bathed in the glow of the Dawn of a New Age. They had undergone a Baptism of Water in which they were cleansed of the Old Galactic Age of Leo and were reborn into the Golden Age of Taurus.
         It will be no different for us. We too will be bathed in the glow of the Dawn of a New Age. We will be privileged to witness the Dawn of another Golden Age of accomplishment and prosperity. Christmas will retain its meaning as a celebration of the Birth of a New Age, but perhaps the Birth date will be changed to 21st December. (The Winter Solstice used to fall on December 25th which is why Christmas is celebrated on that day.)The Christmas Tree will not be out of place in the Age of Aquarius …the tree represents the Tree of Life (Axis Munde) around which the heavens appear to revolve. The branches of the Christmas Tree support the colourful baubles just as the branches of the Tree of Life support the stars in the heavens. The flashing lights represent the twinkling stars. The star on the top of the Christmas Tree represents the Risen Sun on the Tree of Life, the beginning of a New Age.
         The Galactic Season of Aquarius is markedly different from that of the Galactic Season of Taurus in the night skies. As the name suggests, water is the key element. This does not mean however that the world is automatically going to be inundated by floods and rising sea levels. One interpretation is that the Age of Aquarius is symbolic of spiritual cleansing, baptism in the Waters of Life.


The Age of Aquarius dawns at 6:48am on December 21st 2012.

         However for the original and intended purpose of the water symbolism we need to refer back to the mythology of the Ancient Egyptians, the architects of the constellations. In their Creation Myth the origin of the universe was explained in terms of a primordial ocean called Nun. Out of this ocean was born the primeval hill called Nu. The Tree of Life was the plant which came from Nu; its mother was Nut, the heavens. In this quadrant of the heavens the water symbolism of the Age of Aquarius represents the primordial ocean, Nun, in the Creation Myth. The water imagery includes:

  • The Nile River … Eridanus.
  • The Nile Delta … Triangulum.
  • The Fish … Pisces.
  • The Southern Fish … Pisces Austrinus.
  • A Whale or Sea Monster … Cetus.
  • A shark's fin … the hat of Perseus.
  • The Sea Goat … Capricornus.
  • The Dolphin … Delphinus.
  • The Swan … Cygnus.
  • The Water Bearer … Aquarius.

         The Water Bearer is the herald of the New Age of Aquarius. It is he who figuratively sheds the first drops of water of the New Age from his urn. However the Water Bearer is not of human form as is generally supposed. The Water Bearer is, quite logically, a fish.
         God in the Galactic Season of Eagle/Scorpio was a human headed leonine male with an Osiris beard, in the form of a Sphinx Super Giant in the heavens. He was Hu, the Celestial Sphinx. God in the Galactic Season of Leo was a Lion. God in the galactic Season of Taurus was a Bull, or Nermer/Osiris/Orion affecting the image of the Bull. God in the Age of Aquarius will be a Super Giant Fish; the Fisher King.

God in the Galactic Season of Aquarius is a Super Giant Fish; the Fisher King.

         When Pisces Austrinus and Capricornus are joined together they form both a fish and the White Crown of Egypt. It is becoming clear that the White Crown is not only associated with the Age of Leo/Gemini as earlier indicated, but also with the Galactic Precession of the Equinoxes in general.
         Nermer's signature is evident in the fish of Pisces Austrinus and Capricornus together with the three barbels of Aquarius … forming "Ner" the Catfish … and Pisces Austrinus forming "Mer" the Chisel. Interestingly the word "barbel" is derived from the Latin "barba" meaning "beard". Pisces Austrinus is suggestive of the Osiris beard.

fisher king
Pisces Austrinus and Capricornus
joined together form both a fish
and the White Crown of Egypt.
The Fisher King
complete with fin/ flipper
and/or White Crown

Children of the Celestial Sphinx
         Today we are the Children of the Celestial Sphinx. We are the heirs to the Lost Secrets of remote Ancient Egypt. The stars invoke us from the heavens like the echo of a collective memory.
         The Ancient Egyptians discovered the secret of Precession. They charted the heavens. They were the Guardians of Time and we are their children.

Footnote … subtle references to Freemasonry are intentional.

Copyright Audrey Fletcher 1999
All rights reserved
Adelaide, South Australia

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